Page 15 - Studio International - January 1965
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          Yves Tanguy
          II pa/azzo de/ promonrnrio.  1930
          73  x  60 cm.
          Jackson  Pollock
          Ci,concisione. 1946
          142  x  168 cm.

          Paul  Klee
          II giardino magico. 1926
          Fresco. 50  x  4 ·  cm.

                                 organized in her gallery, inaugurated in October,  1942,   care for him, nobody thought of buying for a ridiculous
                                 some  American  artists,  who  only  many  years  later  price  those  pictures  that  nowadays  cost  many
                                 became famous in  Europe,  such as  Baziotes,  Mother­  thousands  of  dollars.
                                 well, Pollock,  Rothko,  Clifford,  Still and many more.   The ten oils and the gouache,  painted from  1943  to
                                  The  most  famous  of  them  all,  the  astonishing  1947,  which  document  Pollock's  transition  from  the
                                 revelation of the  post-war  period  among  avant-garde   expressionistic-Picassian  period  to  his  invention  of
                                 painters in Europe and in the whole world, was Pollock,   action  painting,  badly imitated  as  a technical  method
                                 presented in 1943 by Sweeney at the 'Art of this century'  by the mannerists who pullulated everywhere under the
                                 show.  Peggy was then the first to make him known in  sign of informal art, will be exhibited in  London.
                                 Italy, and more precisely in Europe, in 1950, at a show   Peggy generously gave Pollock's pictures to institutes
                                 organized  at  the  Royal  Palace  in  Venice  with  my  and galleries in the  United  States and in  Italy,  also to
                                 modest  contribution  too.  Nobody  at  that  time  would  impose the disconcerting figure of this artist, who was
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