Page 7 - Studio International - January 1965
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GALERIE DRESDNERE                                            Artists' International
                    2170 CRESCENT STREET
                                            130 BLOOR STREET WEST
                    MONTREAL 25  	                   TORONTO 5
                                                                                 Exhibition Agency

             Canadian, French (School of Paris)                                  The A.I.E.A. is the only agency of its kind in the world.
                                                                                 Its functions are:
              and British  Painters and .Sculptors
                                                                                 To act as agents for artists wishing to exhibit and for galleries
                                                                                 looking for new artists.

               * JOSEPH HERMAN
                                                                                 To handle the practical and commercial aspects of exhibiting
                 ALFRED COHEN
                                                                                 and marketing works of art on behalf of artists.

                Prestons Art Gallery                                             To promote and increase facilities for exhibiting works of art
                                                                                 especially by making use of opportunities not yet fully developed
                    2 DEANSGATE • BOLTON • LANCS •TEL BOLTON 25476               and those outside London.

                                                                                 To facilitate the exhibition of the works of artists from this
                                                                                 country, abroad, and of those from other countries over here.
                   Exhibition of paintings by


                              COOPER                                             All communications (by letter in first instance please) to:
                                                                                 Secretary, A.I.E.A.,
                          13th Jan/5th Feb                                       3 Millman Street, London, W.C.1

             TATE GALLERY                                                  st. martin's gallery
                                                                                                           Telephone: Tem 0250
                                                                           11 St. Martin's Court, London, W.C.2
                                                                           (off Charing Cross Road, left side of Wyndham's Theatre)
                                                                           December 28th/January 9th

             Applications are invited from men and women aged at least
             35 for two pensionable posts.
                                                                           January 11th/January 23rd
             The candidate appointed as Keeper of the British School
             Collection will have special responsibility for paintings of the   fernando monies
             British School from the earliest times up to 1900, and for
             British sculpture of the 19th century. The holder of the second
             post will have special responsibility for the modern collection,
             which comprises foreign painting and sculpture of the last 100
             years and British painting and sculpture of the 20th century.
             QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates must be authorities in an                                       Constructions and
             appropriate field, with wide knowledge of the history, theory,   Peter Jones
             and practice of the visual arts. A university degree with 1st or   January 11-30
             2nd class honours, or an equivalent qualification, is normally
             required. Experience of administration and of research for the
             preparation of written material is desirable, and knowledge of
                                                                                                        Recent Paintings
             one or more modern European languages is an advantage.          Eila Hershon
                                                                                                        and Drawings
                                                                             Forthcoming Exhibition
             SALARY : £3,135-£3,560.
             WRITE to Civil Service Commission, 23 Savile Row, London,       MOLTON GALLERY
             W.1, for application form, quoting 6049/65. Closing date
                                                                                                                       Mayfair 2482
             26th January, 1965.                                             44 South Molton Street, London, W.1
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